Nipple Play Chaîne Crystal

Nipple Play Chaîne Crystal


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Take the feeling to the next level and have fun playing with nipples with the Nipple Play Crystal Chain Nipple Clamps.
Explore an elevated sensation with the 2 fully adjustable nipple clamps, tease chain and sparkle crystals. Reach new levels of scorching fun.
Squeeze the naughty clamps to your body and enjoy each influx of pain and pleasure.

The naughty clamps have adjustable tension to stimulate anywhere on your body for raunchy teasing. As the tension tightens, the tingling intensifies with each turn of the dial for the ultimate in nipple stimulation toys. With the stimulation of the teasing clamp and the increase in blood circulation, you can expect to amplify the nipple sensitivity and heighten the overall arousal. These easy to use nipple hooks are perfect for him.

The two adjustable clamps are made of nickel free iron with silicone rating, a nickel free iron chain and silica crystals

12 “/ 30.5 cm (chain)
2.25 “/ 5.75 cm (each clip)