Nipple Grips 4 Points Nipple Press

Nipple Grips 4 Points Nipple Press


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Add intense pleasure to your sex life with the 4 Point Nipple Press with Nipple Grips. Increase your nipple clearance with a simple twist of the screws.
Tighten the screws to exactly how much pressure you desire and pull on the chain for a satisfying feel with the bells ringing with pleasure.

The fully adjustable, screw-in 4-point press gives you pressure control. Screw or loosen for a totally unique pleasure experience.
The fully adjustable design also allows use on all body types.

Enjoy extra sensuality with the bells and chain. They look sexy while providing an added feel.
The chain and bells move and sway with the body, and provide different sensations with each movement you make.

These pliers and chain are made of sturdy metal that will not tarnish or contain nickel, making them body safe and durable.
To keep your products clean, simply wash with hot water and soap or toy cleaner and allow to dry.