Liberator Kiss Wedge Pink

Liberator Kiss Wedge Pink


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Some lips are made for smooching, but this adorable and seductive positioning pillow is made for world-class sex. Small enough to be portable but not so small that it doesn’t support, the Kiss Wedge leaves plenty of room for couples to move around and experiment with. Designed with soft, rounded edges, the Kiss Wedge allows you to easily transition from one position to another.

Give your booty a boost and experience unforgettable doggystyle by leaning your hips on the high end, or place your butt on the thin edge for longer, more satisfying oral sessions. Missionary or cowgirl sex positions have also been given an extra kick, allowing you to experience the pleasures of deeper penetration and thrusting power.

The unique shape of the Kiss Wedge commands attention by adding a touch of sultry allure to your space.