Liberator Black Label Wedge Black With Cuffs

Liberator Black Label Wedge Black With Cuffs


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When it comes to expressing your kinkier side, the Black Label Wedge has all the fixings of a sizzlingly wonderful time. This bondage-inspired sex positioning pillow is wrapped in luxurious microfiber fabric and fitted with sturdy cuff connection points. Experience the thrill of being tied up and awaken all your senses as your partner practices the art of anticipation. The Black Label Wedge provides precise orientation, making it easier to control anal sex positions and help extend oral sex for hours of uninterrupted intimate pleasure. Designed specifically for bondage and restraint play, this little piece of heaven offers just the right amount of support that helps elevate your body and makes exploring new sexual positions effortless. The Black Label Wedge is exceptionally versatile. Use it as a fulcrum below the knees to give your pelvic thrusts more punch or in the lower back for an extra boost during penetration. Adding cuffs and tying up your lover is a great way to spice up your adventure. All Liberator specific furniture is designed to work together and allow you to customize your feelings and experience. Pair the Black Label Wedge with the Black Label Ramp and enjoy your bondage game even more.

The Black Label Wedge is delivered discreetly using innovative vacuum compression technology