Liberator Black Label Regular Wedge/Ramp Combo Black

Liberator Black Label Regular Wedge/Ramp Combo Black


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Best-selling combo with a steamy twist
Everyone deserves to explore their deepest ultimate fantasies. This two-piece fantasy maker offers all the benefits of the Original Label Wedge/Ramp Combo, but with the added option for bondage restraint play. The set includes the best-selling Black Label Wedge and Black Label Ramp. These two bondage-inspired sex wedges allow you to explore a multitude of hot sex positions while keeping your partner tied and bound. The Combo sets the stage for plenty of BDSM exploration, and it also provides lift for better access and elevation for deeper connection. Ergonomic angles place you and your partner’s body in comfortable and stable sex positions to lose yourself in passion without the added strain on your joints or back. The precise angle of these naughty sex wedges prevents neck pain and allows you to enjoy hours of uninterrupted oral sex foreplay. The nylon bonded microfiber cover features patented interlocking threads that ensure your bondage forms lock together, giving you the freedom to experiment without slipping or tearing the cuff connection points.

Use the Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo and create your kinky setups using the shapes together or separately.
So whether you’re a curious newbie or a BDSM expert, the best-selling Combo is the perfect setup for all types of naughty adventures.

This set is delivered discreetly using innovative vacuum compression technology.


Size: Regular
Material: Microfiber
Fabric Details: Microfiber – original microfiber cover – 100% nylon
Machine washable microfiber cover
Moisture-resistant polyester lining
Fully bonded polyurethane foam
Dimensions: Regular – 34″x24″x12″