Liberator Black Label Esse Black With Cuffs

Liberator Black Label Esse Black With Cuffs


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Seductive submission begins with Black Label Esse.
Whether you and your partner are up for some R&R or S&M, there’s no end to the potential of Black Label Esse. Every angle has been designed to provide the best access, the sweetest angles, and the hottest possibilities. Discover in 360 degrees the best sex of your life. Your head, neck and back will be cradled in almost any position you can imagine, and the extra height and ergonomic slopes will provide the deepest penetration possible. Complete with 24 connection points, any fantasy and desire you have can be realized on a whim. Let your desire be your guide, and Black Label Esse has your back.

The included headrest works on either end of the Esse, useful for raising the knees or adding 5 inches of height for standing and leaning. The included mini spoon will remove the center dimple, making the Esse flatter; moreover, it works independently of the Esse to give momentum and movement to love on a bed.

Delivered vacuum compressed